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Artdeco is becoming increasingly popular, used by A-list celebrities on TV shows and magazine shoots. With a wide selection of colours, we can create the perfect occasion for you.

Make-up with Lashes From £35
Lessons From £35

Onyx 30 min Fixer £30
This is a high impact treatment. Targeting skin concerns quickly and effectively. It’s amazing what can be achieved in less than half an hour. A firm favourite for those with minimal time.

Onyx 60 min Facial £45
60 mins in the hands of an expert skin therapist who will personalise this facial to cater to individual skin types and concerns. It includes double cleanse, exfoliation, face, neck and scalp massage, facemask, treatment serums, hot towels . . . it’s all on the agenda.

Electrical Add-Ons
Enter the realm of science with options for highly active ingredients, acid peels and serums, driven into the skin using advanced technology. The complete guide to electrical modalities you can add on to any of our facials. Each one has their own amazing benefits, start off by just adding one and you will see and feel the difference is unparalleled. For clients who want that extra boost.

Vacuum Suction – £5
This electrical add-on:

– loosens black heads and blocked pores;
– regenerates new skin cells for fresher, brighter skin
– promotes lymphatic drainage, removing waste and toxins that lay under the skin;
– increases circulation and blood supply, which helps plump the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles;
– loosens congestion, adding in a smoother texture.

Direct High Frequency – £5
This electrical add-on:

– has an anti-bacterial effect, helping delay bacterial growth;
– has a zapping effect to dry out spots;
– dries out excess oil, that can lead to breakouts;
– calms down acne and hormonal breakouts faster;
– reduces enlarged pores;
– reduces puffiness around the eyes and fades dark circles;
– rejuvenates and conditions the scalp and nourishes hair follicles for healthier hair.

Indirect High Frequency (Facial Massage) – £5
This electrical add-on:
– is great for skin that needs stimulation such as dry, lacklustre, sensitive, dehydrated, dull skin;
– increases collagen and elastin levels which softens and smooths fine lines and wrinkles;
– tightens skin;
– increases blood circulation and cell renewal;
– promotes relaxation and seduction.

Galvanic Exfoliation – £5
This electrical add-on:
– is our deepest form of exfoliation using a chemical peel;
– is the deepest way to clean the skin and remove congestion;
– opens pores for deep exfoliation;
– draws out impurities, acts like a magnet;
– improves overall skin, due to its deep cleansing action;
– releases even the most stubborn blackheads and congestions.

Galvanic (Ionto) – £5
This electrical add-on:
– is known as the non-surgical face lift, as it tightens and firms the skin;
– tightens facial muscles and smooths wrinkles;
– refines enlarged pores and improves skin texture;
– the electrical current helps penetrate and enhance the absorption of serums, masques and finishing creams into the skin.

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